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2018-2019学年高中新创新一轮复习英语浙江专版讲义:必修三 unit 2
2018-2019学年高中新创新一轮复习英语浙江专版讲义:必修三 unit 22019届一轮复习人教版必修一Unit3Traveljournal单元学案(18页word版)

2019 届一轮温习人教版?一 Unit3Travel journal 单元学案 单元基础学咨询过关温习Ⅰ.多项抉择 1 . (2014 ·荆州质检 )We use passwords ( 密码 ) to keep our personal information secret and safe, but some passwords we use may not be as ________ as we think. A . B.appropriate C.complex D.reliable accurate2.(2014·襄阳四中综合测试)The missile test­out date had been announced earlier this month, but North Korea launched it ________ ahead of schedule. A.accidentally C.stubbornly B.surprisingly D.fortunately3.(2014·湖北十堰四校高三联考)________ your present bad mood, you’d better put off the work till next week, when you may be in higher spirits. A.In spite of C.In view of B.In terms of D.In place of4 . (2014 · 湖 北 重 点 中 学 联 考 )In order to protect the environment, people are greatly encouraged to travel by public ________. A.transport C.means B.service D.transfer5.Maria ________ the interviewers with her knowledge and experience, and as a result she was offered the job.

A.provided C.persuadedB.inspired D.impressed6 . As most of their houses were badly damaged after the earthquake, many people had to be ________ in a stadium. A.put away C.put up B.put out D.put off7.He placed his bike in front of their building ________, but when he came out, he found it missing. A.in general B.as a matter of fact C.as a result D.as usual 8 . (2014 ·仙 桃沔州 中学测 试 )The professor ________ his thoughts before giving his lecture, so that he could make himself understood well. A.organized C.realized B.recognized D.advertised9 . (2014 · 湖 北 八 校 联 考 )Many rich Americans have long ________ money to charities rather than to their children, to which many Chinese are in contrast. A.given up C.given out B.given off D.given away10.I think he’s determined that he won’t give in — you may try your luck and see if you can persuade that old ________ fellow. A.stubborn C.friendly B.uneducated D.responsible

Ⅱ.完成句子 1.________________________ his daughter in English, he put an ad like this in the paper, “Wanted, an English teacher for a ten­year­old girl.”(determine) 决策培训他女儿的英语,他在报纸上登了一则广告:聘请英文老 师一名,教授十岁女孩英语。

2.With ________________ the computer game, he even didn’ t notice his father enter the room.(fix) 由于集中肉体玩电脑游戏,他甚至没有留意到父亲进屋。

3.(2014·湖北八校联考)Jane is wearing a satisfied smile. She ________________________ her father to change his mind. (persuade) 简面带中意的笑颜,她一定压服了父亲改变办法。

4.So hurriedly ________________________ that she left her passport in the hotel.(go) 她匆忙忙忙赶往飞机场,结果将她的护照忘在宾馆里了。

5.The armchair looks rather hard, but in fact it is very comfortable ______________.(sit) 这扶手椅看上去格外硬,但坐上去格外舒服。

6.(2014·黄石调研)The young mother is very strict with her son. It is the first time that ________________ his unreasonable demand.(give) 这位年轻的妈妈对珍宝儿格外严厉。

这是她第一次对珍宝儿的在理要求 妥协。

7.We should accept that offer, for we have had such bad luck

up till now and time ____________.(run) 我们应该接纳这份援助, 由于我们时常运气不行, 而且时刻紧迫。

8 . When we got to the river, we________________________________.(could) 我们一到河边就迫不及待地要过去。

9.Once ________________________ Chinese, the book became very popular with Chinese teenagers.(translate) 这本书一翻译成汉语,就在青青年中间普遍传开了。

10.The manager insisted that ______________________ the companies who had done something that hurt our feelings.(break) 经理坚持要求我们与那些做了损害我们感情的事的公司分裂。

答 案 Ⅰ.1.选 D 考察描画词辨析。

句意:我们运用密码来保证我们个 人信息的隐秘和安全,但我们所运用的一些密码并不像我们感觉的那 样牢靠(reliable)。

accurate “准确的” ;appropriate“适当的” ; complex“复杂的;分解的” 。

依照语境可知,答案选 D。

2.选 B 考察副词辨析。


B 项意为“出人预料地; 不可思议地” ,合适语境。

A 项意为“偶然地” ;C 项意为“顽强地” ;D 项意为“侥幸地” 。

3.选 C 考察介词短语辨析。


in view of“考 虑到;鉴于” ,合适句意。

in spite of“尽管;不管” ;in terms of “就„„而言” ;in place of“替代;顶替” 。

4.选 A 句意:为了保卫环境,人们被鼓励乘公交车。


“交通; 运输” , public transport “公共交通” , 是固定搭配。

service “效劳” ;means“办法;方式” ;transfer“转变;调动” 。

5.选 D 考察动词辨析。


impress sb.with sth. “用某物给某人留下深远的印象” , 合适题意。

provide “提供” ; inspire “鼓励;鼓励” ;persuade“压服” 。

6.选 C 句意:由于地震后大部分房屋严峻被毁,格外多人不得不住在体育馆。

put up 能够显示“供应„„住宿” ,合适句意。

put away “把„„收好” ;put out“扑灭” ;put off“迟延;推延” 。

7.选 D 句意:他像往日一样把自行车放在了楼前,但是当他出来时发现自行车不见了。

as usual“像往日” ,合适句意。

in general “总体来说” ;as a matter of fact“理想上” ;as a result“结果” 。

8.选 A 考察动词辨析。


organize“组织” ,其宾语常常是 “会议、运动”等;当以 one’s idea, one’s thoughts, oneself 作宾语时,其意义是“使思想条理化、打腹稿” 。

recognize“识别; 识别” ;realize“完成” ;advertise“做广告” 。

9.选 D 句意:格外多美国的穷人格外早就末尾把钞票捐给慈悲机构,而不是给他们的子女, 这和格外多中国人构成了对照。

give away “捐送/给” 。

give up“舍弃” ;give off“收回;放出” ;give out“用完;分发” 。

10.选 A 考察描画词辨析。

语境中说那个老人不或许妥协的,因 此用 stubborn 显示“顽固的;顽强的;顽固的” 。

Ⅱ.1.Determined to train 2.his mind fixed on 3.must have persuaded

4.did she go to the airport 5.to sit in 6.she has given in to 7.is running out 8.could hardly/not wait to pass 9.(it was) translated into 10.we (should) break away from单元才干提升训练 Ⅰ.阅读了解 (2018·湖南省衡阳市联考) Beaches are not only great for lying on and doing water sports, and in fact one of the best ways of enjoying them is a classic beach walk. Here at iWantSun. Co. UK, we've been searching the globe to find you the world's best and most glorious beach walks, and here's our pick of the top. The Footpath of the Gods, Amalfi Coast, Italy The name says it all really and you truly do feel up there to walking along this wonderful mountain coastal path, which offers some of the most striking views on the planet. The path begins at town of Bomerano to charming Positano along the UNESCO World Heritage area of the Amalfi Coast. The whole walk will take you approximately four and a half hours to complete and pass over narrow rocky paths, past sheer cliffs and shining blue bays. Sydney's Great Coastal Walk, Australia

Sydney's coastline is one of the most beautiful and diverse in the world. Here you have national parks, historic sites, steep cliffs, sparkling beaches and quiet bays all in one place. Sydney's Great Walk runs all the way from Barrenjoey in the north to Royal National Park in the south and takes an incredible seven days to complete. However, if you're not up to doing the full walk, then there are many different parts of the walk that you can do right in the city. Walking from the city's famous Bondi Beach to the sweeping curve of Bronte Beach takes just an hour, which takes in some top scenery. Great Ocean Walk, Australia The Great Ocean Walk stretches 104 km along Victoria's famous Great Ocean Road, located on the southern coast of Australia, from the resort town Apollo Bay to the magnificent Twelve Apostles. The Twelve Apostles are the area's famous stone landmarks which stand out like giants from the sea. The walk passes through a range of landscapes and sights, from national parks, famous surfing spots and deserted beaches, to wild coastlines, cascading waterfalls, lush forests, historic lighthouses and ghostly shipwrecks. Day walks and shorter three ­ hour walks such as the Wreck Beach Walk or the Lighthouse Cemetery and Lookout Walk can also be enjoyed. So next time when you're looking for a beach holiday don't just think about the resorts and the sand, but consider a more active sun holiday, discovering some of the best beaches in the