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…………………………密…………封…………线…………内…………不…………要…………答…………题……………………………角弓中学第二次英语模拟试题(满分为 150 分,考试时刻为 120 分钟)(I、 ( ( ( ( (单词辨音。

(5 分) )1. A. headache ) 2. A. city ) 3. A. south ) 4. A. face ) 5. A. biology B. school B. cry B. fact B. toe C. machine C. shy D. stomach D. dry D. about( ( ( ( (B. southern C. mouthC. creative D. name C. o’clock D. noiseⅡ.词汇(每题 1 分,共 15 分)。

A) 用括号中所给单词的适当方式填空。

1. These 3. If it (teenager) like to go swimming in the summertime. (health). (he). ( ( ( ( (第三)floor. (阅读). ( 5.true(名词) ( ( ( (rain) tomorrow. I'll have to stay at home. 2. The man is old but quite (4. He looked sad. I realized there was something wrong with 5. He goes to help the old woman (one) a week. B) 依照句意及所给汉语意义写出所缺单词。

6. (四月)is the fourth month of the year. (有关心的)in your English study. (慢)next time. 7. This dictionary will be 8. Our English teachers' office is on the 9. Please speak more 10. In the evening Lingling often does some C) 依照括号内的要求写出下列单词的相应方式。

1.health(副词) 3. hit(过去分词) ( ( ( ( 2. man teacher(双数) 4. crowded(反义词)III.语法与情形会话(每题 1 分,共 25 分)。

)1. Allen , let me have look at your new car , OK? A. the B. a C. / D. an )2. Liu Xiang is one of runners in the world. A. famous B. more famous C. most famous D. the most famous )3.——Are these your books? ―No, they are not . A. I B. my C. mine D. me )4.1 do want to make with you. A. friend B. a friend C. the friend D. friends ( ( ( (第–1–页)5. ——I can' t find my English book. ——Of course you can't. It's my bag. A. in B. by C. on D. at )6. Lesson is not so difficult as we think. A. Nine B. Ninth C. The Nine D. The Ninth )7. Boys and girls, please stop so much noise. It,s time for class. A. to produce B. producing C. to make D. making )8. —Would you like to have a walk after supper with us? — . A. Yes, I'd like to B. Yes, I'm happy C. No, I can't D. No, I don't like , )9. 一 How are you feeling now? . A. Thanks B. Never mind C. Much better D. Take it easy )10.I can speak French, not much. A. or B. but C. so D. and )11. ―Where are Lucy and Lily? ——Oh,they must a game in the garden now. A. play B. are playing C. be playing D. played )12. There is no water in the cup, ? A. is it B. is there C. isn't it D. isn’t there )13. 一 is your aunt? 一 She is a nurse. A. What B. Who C. How D. Which )14. This question is easy for children . A. answer B. answering C. to answer D. answered )15. ―I would like some coffee with milk. ―. . A. It's here B. No, thanks C. Yes, please D. Here you are )16. There an English Evening next Friday. A. is B. has C. will have D. will be )17. ——I’m sorry I didn't win in the race. —— ! Well, you can't win every time. A. Congratulations B. Well done C.Bad luck D. Wonderful )18. Linda a lot since she entered Harvard University. A. change B. has changed C. will change D. changed )19. ―Go and ask Mr. Brown for help. ―But I don't know . A. where he lives B. where he live C. where does he live D. where is he living )20. My sister is going to look for another job the company offers him more money. A. besides B. when C. unless D. after )21. ―What about this black coat, sir? ―It nice. I’ll take it. A. looks B. sounds C. smells D. tastes )22. Shenzhou VII into space on the night of September 25 ,2008. A. send up B. sent up C. is sent up D. was sent up )23. ―They have never been to Australia before. ― .班级:姓名:考号:

( (A. Neither do we B. Neither have we C. So we have D. So have we )24. Is this research center the foreign guests visited last week? A. which B. that C. the one D. where )25. ― has your mother worked in this factory? —Since 1995. A. How long B. How often C. How far D. How soonB)依照汉语提示完成下列句子。


Eating a balanced diet can make you .7.为了鼓励医院里的小孩们,这位年轻的自愿者常去为他们唱歌。

This young volunteer often sings for the children at the hospital to 8.总的来说,法国是个消费格外高的中央。

In ,France is quite an expensive place. them .IV.动词考察(每题 1 分:共 10 分)。

A) 抉择动词的适当方式填空。

( )1. in the sun is bad for your eyes. . A. Reading B. Read C. Reads D. To reading ( )2. People under 21 are not to drink in the USA. A. allow B. allowed C. allowing D. allows ( )3. He told us a good way information. A. searching B. to search C. searched D. search ( )4. The teacher told us that the sun in the east. A. raises B. raised C. rises D. rose ( )5. We prefer to sing at the party rather than . A. dance B. dancing C. to dance D. danced B) 抉择方框中的动词词组并用其适当方式填空。

fall off 6. Mike is 7. Great changes have 8. 9. She 10. You must taken place cheer up give up getting along9.新体育馆的设计图样将在图书馆展出。

Designs for the new gym will be on 10.每团体登机前都要经过安检。

Everyone must go the security check before boarding the plane. in the library.VI.完形填空(每空 1 分,共 10 分)。

Jack went to a barber's shop (理发店)and had his hair cut. But when he 1 out, he was not happy with the result. When his friend Bob 2 him, he laughed and said. " What has happened to your hair, Jack?" Jack said," I try a new barber's shop today,because I wasn't quite pleased 3 my old one, but this one seems even 4 ." Bob agreed, "Yes, I think you're right, Jack. Now I'll tell you 5 to do when you go into a barber's shop next time: 6 all the barbers,hair,find out whose hair looks worst,and then go straight to him." " 7 shall I go to him?" Jack asked. "That would be 8 !" "Oh, no, it wouldn't. " answered Bob. "Who cut that man' s hair? Just think about it. He couidn' t cut it 9 , could he? Another barber cut it. 10 you know he can' t be the worst barber." ( )1. A. brought B. looked C. came D. watched ( )2. A. saw B. heard C. called D. missed ( )3. A. to B. with C. into D. on ( )4. A. good B. bad C. better D. worse ( )5. A. what B. how C. when D. why ( )6. A. look at B. look after C. look up D. look like ( )7. A. How B. When C. Why D. What ( )8. A. clever B. cool C. wonderful D. foolish ( )9. A. himself B. myself C. yourself D. herself ( )10. A. But B. So C. Because D. Orquite well with his classmates. in the last few years in China.! Things are not so bad as they seem. her bike and hurt herself yesterday afternoon. …不…………要…………答…………题………………………… smoking. It's bad for your health.V.句型转换按括号内的要求转换下列句型,每空填一词(每小题 2 分,共 20 分)。


1. —— Must I do my homework now?(停止否认答复) —— , you 2. I wondered what I should do next.(改为同义句) I wondered what next. 3. Li Ming often chats (说话)with his friends by phone.(对划线部分提 1). Li Ming often chat with his friends? 4. Your bedroom is clean and tidy.(改为慨叹句) clean and tidy your bedroom 5. I like music. The music makes me excited.(兼并成一个复合句) I like music me excited. 考号: ! .Ⅶ.阅读了解(每题 2 分,共 40 分)。

AOnce there lived a rich man called King. He loved chatting (说话)very much. Every day he had his men do all the housework, so he had enough time to chat with others. One summer afternoon ,his friend Bruce invited him to his birthday party. King kept on chatting at第–2–页

table. Later, all the other friends had left, but he didn't notice it. Bruce was worried, because he had just received a call from his sister and he would go to the station to meet her. But King didn't say goodbye to him , and he went on chatting. At that time , King's wife came in and asked her husband, "Would you like a roast(烤制的)bird, dear?" "Of course," King answered, "but where is it?" "I heard a bird singing in the big tree outside just now," said the woman. "I want it to be the last dish. I’ll cut the tree down.……." "But I, m afraid it will fly away when you begin to cut the tree," said King. "don't worry about it, dear," the woman said with a smile. "It is a foolish bird. It doesn't know when to leave.” 依照短文内容,推断下列各句正误。


( )1. King liked chatting with others, ( )2. It was Kings birthday and he invited Bruce to his house. ( )3. Bruce wanted to meet her sister at the station but King didn't leave. ( )4. There was a bird singing in the big tree outside just now. ( )5. All the friends stayed for the last dish 一 roast bird.CIf I had one million yuan, I would buy you a palace! Do I have one million yuan? No, I don' t. So I only can spend ten fen on this short message , sending you my best wishes ! Today SMS 一 Short Message Service is popular, and China Mobile says that every second, there are 410 messages being sent. Look around you ! People are watching their mobiles , smiling or laughing. Thumbs (姆指)are moving quickly on mobiles, bringing happiness to their friends. Through SMS, we know the weather report, share jokes and news, express love and friendship. SMS is becoming more and more popular. It, s reported that 67% of young people like to send short messages to greet each other. Internet SMS will be more helpful to people. I'm thankful for the progress because SMS saves me much money. Just on the top of the thumb , so much joy can be found. 依照短文内容,选出一个最佳答案填入题前的括号内。

( )11. SMS can help people do the following except . A. spending more time traveling B. sharing jokes and news C. expressing love and friendship D. knowing the weather report ( )12. The writer thinks that . A. he will buy a palace for his friend B. young people dislike SMS C. he makes SMS more popular D. SMS helps people a lot ( )13. of young people like to send short messages to greet each other. A. 40% B. 50% C. 60% D. 67% ( )14. The passage is mainly about . A. how to search the Internet B. ways of saving money C. the joy of SMS D. how to send short messages ( )15. From the passage, we know SMS means . A.网络业务 B.短信业务 C.话费业务 D.查询业务BMany people like animals and keep one or more as pets ― dogs, cats, or some kinds of birds. If you keep a dog or a cat as a pet, you must know how to look after them. A grown-up(成年的)dog needs two meals a day ― not more. And it can eat meat, fish, rice and some other things. Dogs like large bones , but don't give them chicken bones. Remember to give them much clean water. A dog should have a clean, dry box for sleeping. Washing it once a week is good for its health. If it is ill, take it to a doctor. A healthy dog will bring you more pleasure. Be careful when you have chosen a cat. It has two meals a day with some meat or fish. Cats drink a little milk every day. Sometimes give them vegetables to eat. Don't forget that they need clean water to drink. Take good care of your pets. They will be your good friends. Maybe they can give you some help when you need. 依照短文内容,选出一个最佳答案填入题前的括号内。

( )6. can be kept as pets. A. Lions B. Cats C. Tigers D. Pandas ( )7. can be given to a dog to eat. A. Chicken bones B. Ice cream C. Large bones D. Green vegetables ( )8. Both cats and dogs need to drink every day. A. milk B. coke C. orange D. clean water ( )9. Pets can when they need. A. buy things for their owners B. help their owners C. take care of their owners D. cook for their owners ( )10. A healthy dog can make you . A. happy B. sorry C. young D. worriedDCountry India Canada Egypt Singapore Capital New Delhi Ottawa Cairo Singapore City Language(s) Hindi and English English and French Arabic Malay, Chinese, Tamil and English义务型阅读。




16. If we go to , people can understand us easily. 17. Indians speak or English. 18. If we go to , we must learn Arabic well. 19. The capital of Canada is . 20. From the above form (表格),we can see that is the most important language.VIII.补全对话(每空 1 分,共 5 分)。



A: Hi, Tom. Where is Jim now? Did you see him? B: Sorry, I’m not sure. (6) A: Does he really like basketball? B: Yes, (7) You know he’s good at playing basketball. A: When did he leave? Do you know? B: (8) A:Did he tell you when to come back? B: (9) What do you want him to do? A: Mr. Brown wants to see him. He has something important to talk with him. B: Certainly. A: Thank you. Bye. A. About an hour ago. B. Can you tell him about it when you see him? C. No, he didn't. D. I guess he went to buy the ticket for the basketball match. E. he does. F. Basketball is popular. G. Let me go to see Mr. Brown.Friday May 1 , 2009Fine———————————————————————————————————————————— ———————————————————————————————————————————— ———————————————————————————————————————————— ———————————————————————————————————————————— ———————————————————————————————————————————— ———————————————————————————————————————————— ———————————————————————————————————————————— ——————————————————————————————————————————(10)IX. 依照汉语意义完成句子,每空一词(每题 2 分,共 10 分)。


This house my aunt years ago. 2.这些巧克力基本上手工制造的。

These chocolates are all made . 3.我九岁时去小电台求过职。

I a job at small stations at the age of nine. 4.那是他正在努力算出这道数学题。

He was trying hard to this maths problem at that time. 5.斯密斯先生说话格外慢以便先生们都能够听明晰。

Mr Smith apeaks slowly the students can hear him slearly.X.书面表达(共 10 分)。


1. 天气:晴。

2. 间隔:离家约一公里。

3. 交通工具:自行车。

4. 时刻:早八点半开赴,十一点回家。

5. 内容:见到了格外多照片、实物等,学到了格外多东西。

6. 游人:见到格外多父母和小孩、先生、教员等。

7. 参考词汇:科技博物馆一 the Science and Technology Museum 公里——kilometer 实物——things 留意:1.词数:60~80 左右。