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组合演练(一)Ⅰ.语法填空 (2017· 安徽合肥一模) Chinese brush calligraphy or “shufa” in Chinese is one of 1 most important art formsin China.Many Asian cultures have originated their own calligraphy styles,but China’s is unequaled because of The 3 2 (it) beauty,grace(优雅),and history.(origin) of Chinese brush calligraphy are unknown,but local tales say it goes backover 4,000 years to the time of the legendary(传说的) Yellow Emperor (2698-2598 BC).At that time characters were carved on animal bones or tortoise shells.Only after Emperor Qin Shi Huang united China under his rule 4 one country did it really gain popularity as a common art form. 5 (make) it easier for people He simplified Chinese characters and regular rules were set,to learn and master.This Chinese art form continued to progress and during the Tang Dynasty (618 -907 AD) a new type of cursive script(草书) was formed and standardized.It is written (free),but it’s not so easy to read. Today Chinese calligraphy is once again a subject in schools and an art form highly (appreciate) across the world.Anyone can practice it and 8 7 is required is a simple set 6including: brush,ink,and paper.It’s fun for amateurs to try,but to become good at it,not only years of practice but natural talent personal character and is of 10 9 (need).Practising this art consistently can develop (benefit) to health.语篇解读 本文主要讲述了中国古老的艺术——书法。

1.答案 the 解析 考查冠词。

形容词的最高级前加定冠词 the。

2.答案 its 解析 考查代词。

its 是形容词性物主代词,意为“它的”,修饰后面的名词 beauty,grace 和 history。

3.答案 origins

解析 考查名词单复数。

origin 是名词,意为“起源”。

该空谓语动词为 are,根据主谓一致 原则,主语要用名词复数形式。

4.答案 as/into 解析 考查介词。

unite China as/into one country 意为“把中国统一为一个国家”。

5.答案 making 解析 考查非谓语动词。

句意为:他简化了汉字,设立了法规,使得人们学习汉字变得更容 易。

making it easier for people to learn and master 是现在分词短语作结果状语。

6.答案 freely 解析 考查副词。


freely 是副词,修 饰动词 write。

7.答案 appreciated 解析 考查非谓语动词。

句意为:今天,中国书法再次成为学校里学习的科目,也成为了全 世界高度欣赏的一门艺术。

appreciated across the world 是过去分词短语作后置定语, 修饰 an art form。

an art form 和 appreciate 之间是被动关系。

8.答案 what 解析 考查名词性从句。



what is required 是主语从句,该从句缺少主语,且表示名词意思“所需要的东 西”,故该空填 what。

9.答案 is needed 解析 考查时态、语态和主谓一致。

主语 natural talent 和 need 之间是被动关系,且该句介绍 的是客观事实,故该空要用一般现在时的被动语态。

根据主谓一致中的就近原则,谓语动词 跟 but 后的名词一致。

故此处填 is needed。

10.答案 benefit解析 考查名词。

be of+n.=be+adj.,故此处填名词 benefit。

Ⅱ.短文改错 (2017· 福建质检) Zhou Yan is the Senior Three student.Last week,he goes to see a doctor because of his arms and fingers hurt.The doctor told him the fact that had a “mobile phone disease”.Zhou sent

messages for his friends with his mobile phone all the time, even in bed.Zhou started to do badly in all the exam because he spent so many time on his mobile phone.He didn’t stop use the mobile phone until his arms hurt.Yang Ling,which is an expert from a health center,said students should try to use their mobile phones less,especial at school. 答案 Zhou Yan is the goes Senior Three student.Last week, he to see a doctor because of his arms a went∧ and fingers hurt.The doctor told him the fact that he had a “mobile phone disease”.Zhou sent messages in all the for his friends with his mobile phone all the time,even in bed.Zhou started to do badly to exam many use because he spent so time on his mobile phone.He didn’t stop the exams much usingwhich mobile phone until his arms hurt.Yang Ling, is an expert from a health center, said students who especial should try to use their mobile phones less, at school. especially 11.答案 the→a解析 考查冠词。

此处指周岩是一名高三学生,不是特指,故将 the 改为 a。

12.答案 goes→went解析 考查动词的时态。

根据时间状语 last week 可知, 要用一般过去时, 故将 goes 改为 went。

13.答案 删除 of 解析 考查 because 的用法。

表示“因为”,because of 后加名词、代词、动名词或 what 从 句等,because 后加句子。

此处“his arms and fingers hurt”是句子,故用 because 引导,删除 of。

14.答案 had 前加 he解析 考查同位语从句。

此处 that 引导的是同位语从句,that 没有实际意义,此处从句中缺 少主语 he,故在 had 前加 he。

15.答案 for→to解析 考查介词。

send sth.to sb.给某人发送某物,介词用 to,故将 for 改为 to。

16.答案 exam→exams解析 考查名词的单复数。

此处由 all 修饰,指“所有的考试”,exam 为可数名词,要用复 数,故将 exam 改为 exams。

17.答案many→much解析 考查同义词。

many 修饰可数名词复数,much 修饰不可数名词,此处修饰 time,指时 间,是不可数名词要用 much。

18.答案 use→using解析 考查固定用法。

stop doing sth.停止做某事, 此处指停止使用手机, 故将 use 改为 using。

19.答案 which→who解析 考查定语从句的引导词。

此处是非限制性定语从句,先行词是 Yang Ling,指人,不能 用 which 引导,而要用 who。

20.答案 especial→especially解析 考查副词。

especial 特殊的,特别的;especially 尤其,特别。

此处表示“尤其是在学 校”,修饰介词短语,用副词,故将 especial 改为 especially。

Ⅲ.书面表达 (2017· 陕西西安模拟) 假定你是李华,是某高中的一名学生。

为了让更多的人了解中国优秀的传统文化,你校近日 将举办中国传统文化展(The Traditional Chinese Culture Fair)。

请给你的外教 Mr Smith 写一封 电子邮件,邀请他参加。

邮件的内容包括: 1.展会的宗旨、时间、地点以及参加者; 2.展出内容:相关书籍、图片、实物等。

注意: 1.词数 100 左右; 2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

参考范文 Dear Mr Smith, I’m writing to invite you to the Traditional Chinese Culture Fair to be held by our school at the Art Center this Friday afternoon,from 2pm to 5pm. Since this event aims to help more people learn about the traditional Chinese culture, the staff, all the students and their parents as well as anyone interested in it are welcome.At the fair,related books,pictures,videos and objects will be exhibited,through which visitors will not only understand traditional Chinese culture much better but definitely feel the unique beauty of it. If you’re interested,please come and enjoy it.And I’d be glad to offer any help.Looking forward to your early reply.

Yours, Li Hua


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