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导读:2019 届一轮复习人教版必修五 Unit5First aid 单元学案Ⅰ.多项选择 1 . (2014 ·湖北黄冈统一调研 )The importance of trees and grasses lies in that they can not only help hold the good soil ________ but also purify (净化) th


2019 届一轮复习人教版必修五 Unit5First aid 单元学案Ⅰ.多项选择 1 . (2014 ·湖北黄冈统一调研 )The importance of trees and grasses lies in that they can not only help hold the good soil ________ but also purify (净化) the polluted air. in need C.in turn B.in place D.in store2.(2014·武汉市武昌区高三联考 )When ________ a job, you should highlight your experience and skills. A.accounting for C.applying for B.interviewing for D.searching for3. —Don’ t put so much ________ on the children. It’ s harmful to their health. —OK, I won’t. A.pressure C.power B.strength D.attention4 . (2014 ·孝感质检 )Although home treatment may provide ________ relief from a sore throat, the disease can only be cured with medications. A.present C.temporary B.permanent D.apparent5.In order to be a strong partner with the Asia­Pacific region, American President Obama thinks it is absolutely________ to have a strong relationship with China.

A.vital C.specificB.potential D.awkward6 .(2014 ·襄阳调研 )The Japanese government ’ s so ­called purchase of the Diaoyu Islands will inevitably have a(n) ________ impact on China­Japan economic and trade ties. A.effective C.negative B.complex D.unbearable7 . (2014 ·孝 感市高 三模拟 )Your casual clothes were not ________ for such a formal occasion. You’d better get changed. A.aggressive C.temporary B.appropriate D.permanent8.(2014·武汉中学高三质检)More and more people choose to shop in a supermarket as it offers a great ________ of goods. A.variety C.extension B.mixture D.combination9.(2014·鄂州市高三模拟)You have to be very exact in this job, because a small mistake can make a big ________. A.similarity C.instruction B.explanation D.difference10.They have earned lots of money, so I ________ believe that the business is a success. A.mildly C.actively Ⅱ.完成句子 1. (2014· 荆州调研)Little Tom got burned while he was setting B.firmly D.tightly

off fireworks, ________________ in hospital now.(treat) 小汤姆在放烟火时被烧伤了,现在正在医院救治。

2.I donated $10,000 to the girl, ________________________ continuing her study.(aid) 我捐给了那个女孩 10 000 美元,帮助她继续她的学业。

3.(2014·湖北八校一联)The number of people infected with AIDS could reach 10 million by2020____________________________________ to prevent the spread of the disease.(measure) 除非采取有效措施来阻止疾病的传播, 不然, 到 2020 年感染艾滋 病的人数会高达一千万。

4.(2014·湖北省八校联考)The two men had hardly had time to realize what was happening ________________________ violently into the sea.(throw) 那两人还没来得及意识到发生什么时,就被猛烈地抛进了大海。

5. (2014· 武汉市高三训练)People ________________ financial aid since they lost their homes, jobs and businesses to the storm last month.(receive) 自从在上个月的暴风雨中失去了家园、工作和公司,(灾区的)人 们一直在接受资金援助。

6._________________________ his research, he took no notice of what was going on outside.(apply) 专心做他的研究,他不知道外界发生的事。

7.________________________, she had to take a few days off.(fall)


8.It is known to us that reading is ________________ in language learning.(vital) 众所周知,阅读在语言学习中至关重要。

9.Be careful when you deal with this chemical, as it will explode _____________________ sunlight.(expose) 当你处理这种化学药品时要小心,因为当它暴露在阳光下时会爆 炸。

10 . I have to apologize to you________________________________ by mistake.(pour) 我得向你道歉,我错把咖啡倒在你的杯子里了。

答 案 Ⅰ.1.选 B 考查介词短语辨析。

句意:树木和草的重要性在于它 们不仅有助于保持好的土壤不流失,而且还能净化被污染的空气。

in place“在正确的位置” ,符合句意。

in need“需要” ;in turn“依次; 轮流” ;in store“将要发生” 。

2.选 C 考查动词短语辨析。

句意:求职时,你应该突出你的经 验和技能。

根据句意可知,applying for“申请”正确。

account for “解释;说明” ;interview for“为„„面试” ;search for“搜索” 。

3.选 A 考查名词词义辨析。

put pressure on 为固定搭配,意为“给„„施加压力” 。

前句句意:不要给孩子们施加太多压力,这有 害于他们的健康。

4.选 C 考查形容词词义辨析。


temporary“暂时 的” ,符合句意。

present“现存的;当前的” ;permanent“永久的” ;

apparent“貌似的;表面上的” 。

5.选 A 考查形容词词义辨析。

句意:为了成为亚太地区强大的合作伙伴,美国总统奥巴马认为与中国建立强有力的关系是绝对重要 的。

根据句意可知应选 vital,意为“对„„极重要的” 。

potential “可能的;潜在的” ;specific“特定的” ;awkward“难对付的;令人 尴尬的” 。

6.选 C 句意:日本政府所谓的购买钓鱼岛必然会对中日经贸关 系产生负面影响。

negative“否定的;消极的;负面的” ;effective “有效的;生效的” ;complex“复杂的” ;unbearable“难以忍受的” 。

7.选 B 考查形容词词义辨析。

aggressive“侵略的;侵犯的” ; appropriate “适当的;合适的” ; temporary “暂时的;临时的” ; permanent“永久的;不变的” 。

由句意可知 B 项正确。

8.选 A 考查名词词义辨析。


a great variety of“多种多样的” , 符合句意。

mixture “混合” ; extension “扩展” ; combination “结合” 。

9.选 D 句意:你做这项工作必须十分严谨,因为失之毫厘,谬 以千里。

make a big difference “产生很大影响” ,符合语境。

similarity“类似;相似” ;explanation“解释;说明” ;instruction “命令;指示” 。

10.选 B 从 They have earned lots of money 可知, “我”坚 信 (firmly believe) 生意是成功的。

mildly “温和地;轻微地” ; actively “积极地;活跃地” ; tightly “紧紧地” 。

Ⅱ.1.being treated 2.which aided her in 3.unless effective measures are taken

4.when they were thrown 5.have been receiving 6.Applying himself to doing 7.Falling ill with a high fever 8.of vital importance 9.when (it is) exposed to 10.for pouring coffee into your cup元基础知识过关训练单元知识综合能力测试Ⅰ.阅读理解 (2018·浙江省名校协作体试题) Mr. Peter Johnson, aged twenty­three, battled for half an hour to escape from his trapped car yesterday when it landed upside down in three feet of water. Mr. Johnson took the only escape route——through the boot(行李箱). Mr. Johnson's car had finished up in a ditch(沟渠) at Romney Marsin, Kent, after skidding on ice and hitting a bank. “Fortunately, the water began to come in only slowly, ” Mr. Johnson said, “I couldn't force the doors because they were jammed against the walls of the ditch and dared not open the windows because I knew water would come flooding in.” Mr. Johnson, a sweet salesman of Sitting Home, Kent, first

tried to attract the attention of other motorists by sounding the horn and hammering on the roof and boot. Then he began his struggle to escape. Later he said, “It was really a half penny that saved my life. It was the only coin I had in my pocket and I used it to unscrew the back seat to get into the boot. I hammered desperately with a hammer trying to make someone hear, but no help came.” It took ten minutes to unscrew the seat, and a further five minutes to clear the sweet samples from the boot. Then Mr. Johnson found a wrench and began to work on the boot lock. Fifteen minutes passed by. “ It was the only chance I had.Finally_it_gave,_but as soon as I moved the boot lid, the water and mud poured in. I forced the lid down into the mud and scrambled clear as the car filled up.” His hands and arms cut and bruised, Mr. Johnson got to Beckett Farm nearby, where he was looked after by the farmer's wife, Mrs. Lucy Bates. Trembling in a blanket, he said, “ That thirty minutes seemed like hours.” Only the tips of the car wheels were visible, police said last night. The vehicle had sunk into two feet of mud at the bottom of the ditch. 1.In which section of a newspaper can we read this article? A.Book review. C.Campus life. B.News report. D.Continued story.2.The underlined sentence in Paragraph 5 “Finally it gave”


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