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导读:Book8 unit1-2一、单词拼写: 根据括号内的汉语或首字母提示完成句子。 1. What _________ (百分比) of babies die of this disease in African countries every year? 2. It is _________ (显而易见的) from her face that she is rea


Book8 unit1-2一、单词拼写: 根据括号内的汉语或首字母提示完成句子。

1. What _________ (百分比) of babies die of this disease in African countries every year? 2. It is _________ (显而易见的) from her face that she is really upset. We had better leave her alone. 3. She _________ (滑倒) over on the ice and broke her leg. 4. My _________ (惩罚) for littering was several hours of picking up trash in the park around our community. 5. Testing is still the usual m_________ by which students’ progress is measured. 6. As we can see, in the nursing profession, women are in the m_________. 7. I saw in the paper that another earthquake had o_________ in Sichuan, causing few deaths. 8. The bell i_________ the end of the class rang, interrupting our heated discussion. 9. Dust and dirt soon _________ (积累) if a house is not cleaned regularly. 10. Some experts think that there are now too many rules and _________ (规则) governing small businesses. 11. My friend knows where you can buy a good second-hand car at a _________ (合理的) price. 12. I haven’t been able to _________ (获得) that record anywhere; can you get it for me? 13. As we know, French d_________ from English in many aspects. 14. The situation is so dangerous that the relief agencies have f_________ their workers to go there. 15. Sorry to b_________ you, but would you mind moving your bag? 二、选词填空 从下面的方框中选出适当的短语,并用其正确形式填空。

(其中有两项为多余选项) team up with, take in, apply for, a great many, back to back, live on, occur to, feel like, cast down, be bound to, pay off, object to, from time to time, in vain, bring back to life, in good condition, 1. A good idea _______________ Jane while she was talking to Mary. 2. How can you _______________ such a miserable wage? I suggest you take a part-time job. 3. Do you _______________ going for a swim after we have finished the work?

4. The woman was _______________ by the businessman’s offer of marriage and stupidly gave him most of her money. 5. He preferred to go into business alone rather than _______________ anyone else. 6. I am now writing to _______________ admission to your language school. 7. We have received _______________ articles in response to this paper. 8. He happened to be saved by a kind man and was _______________ again. 9. All the doctors did was _______________, and the patient died after three days’ treatment. 10. I still see her _______________ though we live far from each other. 11. I bought the bicycle ten years ago. It still is _______________. 12. Two years of business school really _______________. He got success in his career. 13. He seemed quite _______________ when he knew the result. 14. I really _______________ being charged for parking. 15. You have done so much work — you _______________ pass the exam. 三、翻译句子 1. 她突然想到她可以收养一个无家可归的孩子。

(occur) _________________________ she might adopt a homeless child. 2. 我们在讨论是否与其他同学一起合作并租用一辆车。

(team up with) We are discussing ___________________________________________ to hire a car. 3. 人与其他哺乳动物的不同之处在于人能说话。

(differ) __________________________________________in their ability to speak. 4. 她把健康的身体归功于有规律的生活。

(owe…to) ________________________________________________ regular life. 5. 日复一日,她徒劳地等待着他的电话。

(in vain) Day after day_________________________________________ 6. 作为惩罚,他被禁止离开基地。

(forbid) ________________________________________ as a punishment.

四、阅读 All over the world mothers and fathers teach their children manners .Other children may have manners that are not like yours. There are all kinds of manners. Many years ago,children who had good manners were seen and not heard. They kept quiet if grownups were talking. Today,wellmannered children have more freedom. Sometimes good manners in one place are bad manners in other places. Suppose you are a visitor in the land of Mongolia. Some friends ask you to eat with them. What kind of manners do they want you to have? They want you to give a loud“burp(打嗝)”after you finish eating. Burping would show that you like your food. In some other countries,if you give a loud burp,you are told to say“Excuse me,please.”In many places people like to eat together. But in some parts of Polynesia it is bad manners to be seen eating at all. People show good manners by turning their backs on others while they eat. What are manners like in an East African town? The people try not to see you. They are being polite. You may see a friend. He may not see you at all. If you are polite,you will sit down beside him. You will wait until he finishes what he is doing. Then he will talk to you. Suppose you visit a friend in Arabia. You should walk behind the other tents until you come to his tent .If you pass in front of the other tents,you will be asked into each one. The people will ask you to eat with them. And it is bad manners if you say no. Manners are different all over the world. But it is good to know that all manners begin in the same way. People need ways to show that they want to be friends. 1.How did polite children behave many years ago? A.By looking into adults' eyes while talking. B.By keeping silent while adults were talking. C.By slipping into the house without being heard. D.By not opening their mouths until spoken to. 2.Which custom should we follow in order to look wellmannered? A.Saying“Excuse me”on burping in Mongolia. B.Inviting guests to dinner together in Polynesia. C.Talking with a friend before he completes things in East Africa. D.Accepting an eating invitation in Arabia. 3.What can we infer from the text? A.Hear much,speak little. B.Love me,love my dog. C.When in Rome do as the Romans do. D.Do what you ought to and come what can.


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