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1. 请求信/自荐信 1.开篇句:格外兴奋得知……,我特写信请求……。

I’m thrilled to know that…, so I am writing to express my deep/strong interest in the position of …./I’m writing to you in the hope that I may obtain an opportunity to….2.中间段:①I have three main advantages. First and foremost,…. Additionally,….Last but not least…. ②I have the confidence that I can handle the … Firstly, ... Furthermore, ... Eventually, ...3.开头语: 我信任我合适那个职位, 希冀您能给我那个时机。

/希冀您能琢磨我的请求, 希冀您的告诉。

①I believe I have the qualifications and experience for this post and sincerely hope to be given the opportunity. ②Thank you for considering my application, and I will be glad to hear from you at any time. ③I am looking forward to a favorable reply at your earliest convenience.范文佳作之请求信: Dear Sir or Madam, I am Li Hua, a student from China. I’m thrilled to know from the Internet that some volunteers are needed during the summer holiday. Therefore, I am writing to apply for the post. My advantages are as follows. First and foremost, after graduating from senior high school in June, I will have a two-month holiday, which makes it possible for me to become a volunteer. Additionally, I am friendly and helpful, so I can get along well with others. Last but not least, I used to join many social activities, where I did quite a good job. More importantly, I have no difficulty communicating with others in English. I think I am qualified for the job. I believe I have the qualifications for this post and sincerely hope to be given the opportunity. Looking forward to your favorable reply. Yours, Li Hua 2. 建议信 开篇句:我写信给您表达对……的建议。

①I'm writing to express my views concerning…. ②You have asked me for my advice with regard to… and I will try to make some beneficial suggestions. 2.中间段: The following suggestions carried out, things would probably become much better./ My suggestions on how to … can be listed as follows. To begin with,….Moreover,….Finally…. 3.开头语:我信任你会琢磨我的建议的。

①I believe you will take my advice/suggestions into account/ consideration.. ②I hope you will find these proposals/ suggestions practical/ beneficial.1

范文佳作之建议信: Dear Tom,Thanks for trusting me. As for me, I have treasured the Senior 3 life so much and regardit as a vitally life-changing experience. In the process, though it was quite demanding, I became mature and learned how to handle difficulties.With regard to the advice, I’d like to draw your attention to the following aspects. Firstly, arranging your time properly and setting a time schedule are considerable.Never put off what you should do today till tomorrow, or you may be overwhelmed by piles of homework. Moreover, teachers can guide you to the correct way, why not contact with them more when you feel depressed? Then, since you will experience a fierce battle, a strong body and a usual mind, to some extent, decide everything.I hope these will be of great use to you. Wish you a great success in the final battle!Yours, Li Hua 3. 感谢信 1.开篇句:我想表达对你的深深谢忱。

I’m writing to convey my heartfelt thanks to you for..../I’d like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for your timely help and support. 2.中间段: 感谢+对方做的情形+再次显示感谢。

Every time I …(看照片、 录像、 日志), I just can’ t help thinking of what you have done for me. It was so kind of you to …(对方做的情形一).Besides, you …(对方做的情形二). Actually, I shall always remember….(对方做的情形三)… (表述对方所做的事对你的意义) 3.开头语:我想再次表达对你的谢忱。

Please allow me to express my sincere gratitude again for what you have done. I am looking forward to seeing you next time./ Again, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you. I will be more than pleased if I have the opportunity to repay your kindness (by...). 范文佳作之感谢信: Dear Peter,I am writing to convey my gratitude for your kind help and care during my stay in your country, without which I wouldn’t have enjoyed it so much. Guided by you, I had a great chance to visit some places of interest in England and experience such unique culture as well as beautiful scenery. Thanks to your generous help, I do believe that I have a better understanding of your country and culture. What’ s more, during the week, the comfortable room, delicious meals and especially your friendly family made me feel at home. I will be more than pleased if I have the opportunity to repay your kindness. Iwill show you around in China. I am looking forward to your coming. Yours, Li Hua 4. 约请信 1.开篇句:2

I’m writing to sincerely invite you to …(as our guest/ judge/ instructor)./ It’s a great honor to invite you to….2.中间段:(描画运动的详细内容:主题、意义、时刻、地点、参加者等)We are planning … on…(date) and we feel it would be great if you can join us. Here are some details for the activity./ The following are some details about this activity. (这项运动的细节如下) +运动主题或运动目的; 运动的时刻、 地点; 运动人员、运动内容等。

3.开头语: 假设你能来,我倍感侥幸。

I will be very glad if you could come. / I would feel honored if you could come. Looking forward to your early reply./ An early reply is appreciated.(感谢你早日 答复。

)范文佳作之约请信:约请外教参加书法讲座Dear David, I’m writing to invite you to the lecture on Chinese calligraphy, which is the art of writing Chinese characters and especially refers to the rules of writing with a brush. The lecture will be given by Shen Peng, a famous calligrapher, in the lecture hall of the Art Building on May 15th this Sunday(一句话描画运动时刻、地 点、人物). As far as I know, you like the traditional culture of China, so you will enjoy it.The lecture will last from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., mainly consisting of three parts: one and a half hours’ listening to the lecture, half an hour’ s discussion and one hour for observing the calligrapher improvising on the spot. (非谓语动词短语 描画运动详细细节) I will be very glad if you could come. Looking forward to your early reply. Yours, Li Hua5. 1.开篇句:愧疚信I am writing to show/ express/ extend my sincere/ heartfelt apology for not being able to…./ I am sorry for my not being able to … due to the fact that ….2.中间段:平常要以第一人称”I”记叙以下内容: ①不能做某事的缘由; ②对方能够谅解你的理由; 可用句型: I’ m sure if you were me, youwould make the same choice.3.开头语:衷心希冀对方能够谅解, 接纳你的愧疚。


Once again, I’ m sorry for any inconvenience caused. I sincerely hope that you will be able to think in my position and accept my apologies./ I sincerely hope you can understand my situation and accept my apologies.范文佳作之愧疚信:Dear Tom, How is everything going? I am writing to apologize for my not being able to join you in the trip to Beijing next weekend which we planned before. I have been looking forward to the trip for a long time and have done a lot of preparations. However, I am informed that the CCTV national English competition is going to be held on that day. You know that I’ve been waiting for the chance for months and thus by no means can I miss it (部分倒装) . As a result, I cannot make it for the trip. I’m sure if you were me, you would make the same choice. (虚拟语气的运用)I do hope(强调谓语) you can understand my situation and accept my apologies. Once again, I’m sorry for any inconvenience caused. Looking forward to your reply. Yours, Li Hua6. 1.开篇句:求援信I’m writing to ask you for help/ to do me a favor. I have some difficulty in doing …, which bothers me a lot. So I have no choice but to turn to you for help.2.中间段:描画你所遇到的详细成绩。

3.开头语:I will be very grateful if you could help me…. Looking forward to your reply at your earliest convenience.范文佳作之求援信: (寻觅丧失的相机)Dear Sir/ Madam, I’ m Li Hua from China. I watched the women’ s volleyball final at the Maracanazinho Stadium on August 20th, 2016. But when I came back to my hotel, I found my camera was left in the stadium. I am writing to request you to help me find it back. My camera is a black Canon digital camera, whose model is 700D. There is a label with my name on it. It is really important for me, because I have come all along to Rio to watch Olympic Games and all the pictures I took were stored in it. More4

importantly, it’s a birthday present from my father this year. If you can help me to find it back, I would really appreciate it. Thanks for your kind consideration and I look forward to receiving your earliest reply. Yours truly, Li Hua7. 1.开篇句:赞扬信I’m a customer who bought …from your website several days ago. I’m writing to complain about…(你要赞扬的产品、效劳等) ./ I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with/ at….2.中间段:描画你所购置的产品的详细成绩。

I am completely disappointed to find…. Toimprove the situation, it is advisable for you to take the following measures./ I do hope that someone will take effective measures to deal with this matter. Firstly,…. In addition,….. Last but not least,….3.开头语:I would be very delighted if you could consider my complaint seriously. I do hope … will be improved as soon as possible./ I do hope you can give me a satisfactory reply as soon as possible. Thank you for your consideration.范文佳作之赞扬信:Dear Customer Service, Much to my regret, I’m writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction with the computer I bought in your store. The IBM Desktop computer I ordered from your store on Nov.11 finally arrived last Sunday, ten days later than expected. Besides, the computer can’t be properly shut down. When I click the shutdown button, it seems that the machine gives no response. And I’m so annoyed with it. Obviously, you didn’t carefully examine it before you sold it.5

I have decided to make a complaint about your delivery service and the poor quality of the computer. I sincerely hope that you will replace this computer as soon as possible. If this is not possible, I will have no choice but to insist on a full refund (退款). Yours, Li Hua8. 1.开篇句:祝愿信I’m delighted to learn of your success/ achievements in…. I would like to congratulate you with all my heart./ Congratulations on your winning the first prize in the … contest/ competition.(就对方赢得的成就显示衷心的祝愿)2. 中间段:You don’t know how excited we were at the news (of your …).+一定对方为此所付出的努力(可适当详细一点,内容不宜太空) 3.开头语: 再次显示祝愿和祝愿。

Congratulations again on your success. Wish you good luck andsuccess in the coming ….范文佳作之祝愿信(关于“中国象棋竞赛获奖”):Dear Peter, I am writing to offer my sincere congratulations to you on your winning the first prize in the Chinese Chess Network Challenge. As your friend, I just want you to know how glad I am at your success. “Everything comes to him who waits.” For these years, you’ve shown great interest in Chinese chess and kept on practicing it every day. Not only have you read many books about Chinese chess strategy, but also you have competed in all kinds of Chinese chess contests. Thanks to your efforts, you finally succeeded in winning the online competition! And I’m so happy that you become champion.6

At last, I hope to play Chinese chess with you so that we can make progress together. Please tell me when you have time. Congratulations again. Yours, Li Hua9. 告诉信 告诉类书面表达要留意言语的得体性、交际性和准确性。

时态通常以平常如今时为主,人称 以第二人称为主。

注释部分通常分三段来写,第一段简述运动背景,引入话题,段末可用 “I’ d like to share with you some details about it.” 或 “The following are some detailsabout this activity.”等句型使上下文衔接愈加严密。

范文佳作之书面告诉(关于“汉字听写大赛”):NOTICE To help you further understand Chinese culture, the local TV station will organize a Chinese Character Dictation Competition. I’d like to share with you some details about it. As scheduled, the competition is to be held on March 15, 2017. You are supposed to get prepared before the competition. Above all, it’s recommended that you read the Four Great Classical Novels and focus on the phrases in them. Whoever wants to go, please sign your name here as soon as possible. Don’t miss the chance of being the winner, and the appealing prize “a set of the Four Great Classical Novels” is waiting for you. Please inform whomever you meet. For any question, call Li Hua at 12345678910. I’m sure you will benefit a lot from it. (词数:127)范文佳作之书面告诉(关于“经典朗诵运动”):NOTICE In order to improve the students’ ability of speaking Chinese and encourage them to read more Chinese classics, a Chinese Classics Reciting Contest among the students will be held in the school lecture hall from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on 30th May.7

It is organized by the Student Union. Those who want to take part in the contest, please sign up in the Student Union office before May 20th. The contesters should recite Chinese Classics individually or in a group. The first 10 winners will be given prizes. Everyone is welcome to participate in it. The Student Union 10. 招募启事 Members Wanted An English speech association has been set up in our school. Now, we are recruiting members. If you are enthusiastic about English speech, please join us. By participating in our well-organized activities, you will harvest a lot. To begin with, you can develop good communication skills and make a lot of friends here. What’s more, not only can you acquire many speech skills and become a persuasive speaker but also you can better your spoken English. So join us and show the best of you to the world with your voice. There is no age or gender limitation. If interested, please scan the QR code and finish registering for the application. Don’t hesitate to take part! Student Union8