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2014 春季九年级英语 unit5 课文及翻译 The Difficult Search for American Goods in the US If you go to another country, what kind of things would you buy? Would you buy a camera in Japan, some beautiful clothes in France, or a watch in Switzerland? No matter what you may buy, you might probably think those products were made in those countries. However, you could be wrong. Knag Jian is a 17-year-old student from Shanghai. Last year he went to visit his aunt and uncle in San Francisco. He found it interesting that so many products in the local shops were made in China. “I wanted to buy a toy car for my cousin, but even though most of the toys had American brands, they were made in China.”Toys are not the only things made in China. “I wanted to buy a pair of basketball shoes,” he explains. “But I had to visit five or six stores before finding a pair made in America!” He realized that Americans can hardly avoid buying products made in China. “In fact, “he continues, “there are so many things made in China ---footballs, handbags, pet food, mobile phones. Even American flags are made in China!” Knag Jian thinks it’s great that China is so good at making these everyday things. However, he wishes that in the future China will also get better at making high-technology products that people can buy in all parts of the world.1

在美国格外难找到美国商品假设你去另一个国度,你会买啥种类的东西呢?你会在日本买相机,法国买一 些漂亮的衣服,依然在瑞士买手表呢?不管你能够买啥,你都会感觉那些东西 一定是在那些国度制造的。


康健是一个 17 岁的上海先生。

去年他去 旧金山访咨询了他的叔叔和阿姨。


“我想给 我们的表弟买一个玩具车,即使大少数玩具是美国牌子,但他们却是中国制造。


他讲解说: “我想说买一双篮球鞋” “但是我 务必在找到一双美国制造之前要逛五到六个商店。

他看法到美国人几乎不能幸免 买中国制造的商品。

理想上,他承袭说道“那个地点有格外多中国制造的东西-足球,手 提包,宠物食物,手机。

甚至美国的国旗也是中国制造!康健感觉中国擅长制造 这些日用品异常好。

但是,他希冀中国在未来,世界各地的人民也能买到中国制 造的高科技产品。


Beauty in Common Things Each different part of China has its own special forms of traditional art. These usually try to show the things that are important in life such as love, beauty and family,. The most common things, from paper to clay to bamboo, are turned into objects of beauty. According to Chinese history, sky lanterns were first used by Zhuge Kongming. He sent them out to ask for help when in trouble. Today, sky lanterns are used at festivals and other celebrations. They are made of bamboo and covered with paper. When the lanterns are lit, they slowly rise into the air like small hot-air balloons for all to see. They are seen as bright symbols of happiness and good wishes. Paper cutting has been around for over 1,500 years. Paper cutting sounds very easy but it can be difficult to do. The paper usually red, is folded before it is cut with scissors. The most common pictures are flowers, fish, animals, and things about Chinese history. During the Spring Festival, they are put on windows, doors and walls as symbols of wishes for good luck and a happy new year. Chinese clay art is famous because the clay pieces are so small but they look very real. The pieces are usually cute children or lively characters from a Chinese fairy tale or historical story. The pieces are carefully shape by hand from a very special kind of clay and then allowed to air-dry. After drying they are fired at a very high heat. They are then polished and painted. Finally, materials such as wood or paper are added to make different things. It takes several weeks to complete everything. These small pieces of clay art show the love that all Chinese people have for life and beauty.3

平常事物中的美 中国的每个中央都有它自己共同的传统艺术方式。

这些试图展现的事物在生活中 是严重的,比如说爱,美和家庭。

最平常的东西,从纸,黏土到竹子都转变成了 美的物体。


在风险的时辰,他把孔明灯放 出去是为了要求关心。


它们是用 竹子制成同时被纸掩盖。

当孔明灯被扑灭的时辰,正如我们看到的,它们会像热 气球一样缓慢升上天空。


剪纸大约曾经有 1500 多年了。


纸材 料通常是白色的,在用剪刀剪之前先要折叠。

最普遍的图案是花,鱼,植物和关 于中国历史的事物。

在春节的时辰,他们被贴在窗户上,门上和墙上,作为好运 和新年愉快的意味。


作品通常是可 爱的小孩或许是来自中国神话故事和历史故事的爽朗人物角色。

作品是来自一种 特殊的黏土精致手工定型而成,接着晾干。




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