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2019 届一轮温习人教版选修八 Unit2Cloning 单元学案 单元基础学咨询过关温习Ⅰ.多项抉择 1.(2014·黄冈高三期末)After ________ the luggage at the railway station, we left for the exhibition in a taxi. A.claiming C.deserving B.demanding D.obtaining2. College students can ________ social experience necessary for their future careers by taking up part­time jobs. A.accelerate C.accomplish B.accompany D.accumulate3.(2014·荆州质检)The TV show first aired in the UK in 2012 and ran till 2014, enjoying huge ________ in not just UK but across the whole world. A.advantage C.consequence B.compliment D.popularity4.(2014·襄阳调研)In making a scientific experiment, one should not be ________ by temporary setbacks but should persist in doing it hopefully. A.cast down C.taken in B.put away D.given out5. (2014· 湖北省八校联考)I have no idea of what is in fashion nowadays, so my choice might be quite ______. A.abundant C.considerate B.arbitrary D.aggressive6. (2012· 湖北高考)The officer insisted that Michael did not

follow the correct ________ in applying for a visa. A.pattern C.program B.procedure D.perspective7.Jazz music is ________ different from any other types of music and can be recognized worldwide as having a unique American style. A.mainly C.distinctly B.simply D.originally8.It was too hard for the firefighters to get close to the burning building. All their attempts to rescue the people trapped were ________. A.in vain C.in place B.in return D.in danger9.The major of maths or computer science can usually give you the ________ to be an employee in a bank. A.regulation C.profession B.qualification D.occupation10. Despite all the benefits of building a factory here, only a few people argued ________ the project. A.in terms of C.in praise of Ⅱ.完成句子 1. (2014· 荆州质检)The CEO from the big company believed that it was the newcomers’ ability ________________________, not the university they graduated from.(difference) B.in need of D.in favour of

这家大公司的第一实行官感觉,真正严重的是新职员的才干,而 不是他们毕业于啥大学。

2. (2014· 湖北八校一联)Nowadays young people just can’ t live without the Internet; they depend on it for________________________________.(need) 如今的年轻人分开网络就无法生活,不管他们需求啥信息他们 都会经过互联网来猎取。

3. From his words I could see that seldom ______________ some time to communicate with his children.(set) 从他的话中我能够看出,他格外少抽出时刻跟自己的小孩交谈。

4. Danby left a word with my secretary ________________ human beings cloning.(object) Danby 留言给我的秘书说,他支持克隆人。

5.How I wish my friends ________________________ what I’ ve been going through recently.(idea) 我真希冀我的好友们能了解我最近所处的逆境。

6.______________________ is that he seems to take no interest in his school work.(bother) 最使我伤脑筋的是,他或许对自己的功课毫无兴味。

7 . Nowadays more and more teenagers__________________________ online games.(resist) 如今越来越多的青青年无法抗击地沉溺网络游戏。

8.With ________________________________, he becomes the richest person in our region.(accumulate) 随着财宝越积越多,他成了我们那个地域的首富。

9.____________, everyone is forbidden to smoke in buses, regardless of what they are.(as) 众所周知,不管是谁,在公共汽车子上基本上制止吸烟的。

10.I can’t imagine there ____________________________ in Yunnan, the southwest of China where there used to be adequate rain.(shortage) 我格外难想象中国西南地域的云南居然会缺水,那个中央原来雨水 格外充分。

答 案 Ⅰ.1.选 A 考察动词辨析。

句意:在火车站支付了行李后,我们 乘出租车分开去看展览。

A 项意为“(依照权益)讨取;认领” ,合适语 境。

B 项意为“要求” ;C 项意为“应受;值得” ;D 项意为“取得;得 到;买到” 。

2.选 D 句意:大先生能够经过做兼职任务来取得日后任务所必 需的社会经验。

accumulate“积聚” ,合适句意。

accelerate“减速” ; accompany“陪伴;伴奏” ;accomplish“完成” 。

3.选 D 考察名词辨析。

句意:这档电视节目自从 2012 年在英 国第一次播放到 2014 年这段时刻里, 遭到了英国甚至全世界观众的欢 迎(popularity)。

advantage“优势;利益” ;compliment“恭维;致 意” ;consequence“结果;严重性” 。

依照语境可知,答案选 D。

4.选 A 考察动词短语辨析。

句意:在做迷信试验时,一团体不 应由于暂时的波折而沮丧, 而应满怀希冀地坚持做下去。

A 项意为 “使 沮丧;使不愉快” ;B 项意为“放好;贮存” ;C 项意为“了解;诈骗” ; D 项意为“分发;发布” 。

依照语意可知,答案选 A。

5.选 B 考察描画词辨析。

abundant“丰厚的” ;arbitrary“任

意的;轻率的” ;considerate“体恤的;谅解的” ;aggressive“好斗 的” 。

由语境可知, “我”不了解当今的流行元素是啥,因此“我” 的抉择或许是格外随意的。

故 B 项准确。

6.选 B 考察名词辨析。

句意:这位官员坚持认定 Michael 没有依照准确的次第请求签证。

B 项意为 “次第” ,合适句意。

A 项意为 “模 式” ;C 项意为“节目” ;D 项意为“远景” 。

7.选 C 句意:爵士音乐与其他种类的音乐存在清楚不同,被世界普遍感觉是美洲独有的作风。

distinctly“明晰地;清楚地” ,合适 句意。

mainly“要紧地” ;simply“仅仅” ;originally“最终来;起先” 。

8.选 A 句意:消防员格外难接近熄灭的房子,全部营救被困人员的尝试基本上白费地。

in vain “白费地” ; in return “作为报答” ; in place “适当的” ;in danger“在风险中” 。

依照句意可知选 A。

9.选 B 考察名词词义辨析。


regulation “规章” ; qualification“资历” ;profession“职业;专业” ;occupation“职 业;占有” 。

故选 B。

10.选 D 考察短语意义。

句意:尽管在那个地点建一个工场有格外多 的益处,但只好少数的人支援那个项目。

in favour of“支援;赞成” , 合适句意。

in terms of “依照; 依照; 在„„方面” ; in need of “有„„ 的需求;有„„的必要” ;in praise of“为讴歌„„;为讴歌„„” 。

Ⅱ.1.that made a difference 2.whatever information they need 3.did he set aside 4.that he objected to 5.would have an idea of

6.What bothers me most 7.can not resist becoming/being addicted to 8.more and more wealth accumulated 9.As is well known 10.should be a shortage of water单元学咨询才干综合测试Ⅰ.阅读了解 (2017·阳高县一中月考) Among all the fast growing science and technology, the research of human genes, or biological engineering as people call it, is drawing more and more attention now. Sometimes it is a hot topic discussed by people. The greatest thing that gene technology can do is to cure serious diseases that doctors at present can almost do nothing with, such as cancer and heart disease. Every year, millions of people are murdered by these two killers. And to date, doctors have not found an effective way to cure them. But if the gene technology is applied, not only these two diseases can be cured completely, bringing happiness and more living days to the patients, but also the great amount of money people spend on curing their diseases can be saved, therefore it benefits the economy as well. In addition, human life span ( 寿命 ) can be

prolonged. Gene technology can help people to give birth to more healthy and clever children. Some families, with the English imperial (皇家的) family being a good example, have hereditary diseases. This means their children will for sure have the family disease, which is a great trouble for these families. In the past, doctors could do nothing about hereditary diseases. But gene technology can solve this problem perfectly. The scientist just need to find the wrong gene and correct it, and a healthy child will be born. Some people are worrying that the gene research can be used to manufacture human beings in large quantities. In the past few years, scientists have succeeded in cloning a sheep, therefore these people predict that human babies would soon be cloned. But I believe cloned babies will not come out in large quantities, for most couples in the world can have babies in a very normal way. Of course, the governments must take care to control gene technology. 1.What does “them” in the second paragraph refer to? A.People with cancer or heart disease. B.Millions of people with serious diseases. C.Some diseases doctors can do nothing with. D.The two illnesses of cancer and heart disease. 2.What can gene technology do according to paragraph three? A.It can help the English imperial family out. B.It can be used to clone human babies.