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导读:2019 届一轮复习人教版必修五 Unit3 Life in the future 单元学案单元基础知识过关训练Ⅰ.多项选择 1.(2014·荆州第一次质量预测)Since Jerry is absent today, let’s get someone else to ________ the work where it was

复习人教版必修五unit 3life in the future单元学案设计(29页word版)
复习人教版必修五unit 3life in the future单元学案设计(29页word版)

2019 届一轮复习人教版必修五 Unit3 Life in the future 单元学案单元基础知识过关训练Ⅰ.多项选择 1.(2014·荆州第一次质量预测)Since Jerry is absent today, let’s get someone else to ________ the work where it was left off yesterday. A.take in C.take up B.take down D.take off2. (2014· 武昌区实验中学月考)Teaching is all about ________ people to learn and thus tact plays an important part in it. A.appealing C.fascinating B.urging D.motivating3.After the ________ of the arrangement of the programs, most people find it easy to enjoy what they like in their spare time. A.settlement C.adaptation B.adjustment D.adoption4.(2014·随州模拟)“Just a minute, Miss White, our glasses have been ________.They look like the same, and I am so careless.”said Mr.Smith. A.switched C.broken B.stolen D.robbed5. (2014· 十堰市第二次质量检测)Everything will be all right. We must never stop taking a(n) ________ attitude towards life.

A.understanding C.personalB.opposite D.optimistic6. (2014· 荆门高三摸底)The main reason for which they cannot learn English well is that they cannot see the importance of it. That is, they lack ________ to do it. A.inspiration C.regulation B.motivation D.cooperation7. (2014· 湖北黄冈部分中学调研)Only by learning and adapting ________ can we keep pace with the development of the advanced technology. A.instantly C.deliberately B.properly D.constantly8 . (2014 ·鄂州高三质检 )After the Spring Festival, some factories cannot start production as planned ________ labour force. A.for fear of C.in need of B.for lack of D.in search of9.Many lifestyle patterns do such great harm to health that they actually ________ the weakening of the human body. A.put off C.turn on B.speed up D.work out10.(2014·黄冈中学模拟)On Sunday he denied all knowledge of it, but on the ________ day he’d admitted to me that he knew all about it. A.previous B.former

C.original Ⅱ.完成句子D.primitive1 . (2014 · 武 汉 市 部 分 学 校 联 考 )Themomentshe_________________ , she became excited and burst into tears.(sight) 她一看到自己的儿子就激动不已,并大哭起来。

2. (2014· 荆州调研)The children gathered around their granny, curious to know the reason _________________photography as her life career.(take) 孩子们围在奶奶周围,很想知道为什么她会把摄影当做自己终身 从事的事业。

3. (2014· 襄阳市部分学校联考)_________________the cost that the factory made some money and got out of debt in the end.(cut) 正是通过削减开支,那家工厂才赚得一些钱并最终摆脱了债务。

4. Though ________________, his parents managed to send him to university where he could get further education.(lack) 尽管缺钱,他父母还是设法把他送进了大学,在那里他可以继续 深造。

5.It has been made clear in the school rule that school ______________________.(tolerate) 校规中明确规定学校不允许考试作弊。

6 . I don ’ t know why she began to cry________________________________.(instant) 我不知道为什么她一读信就哭了。

7.In foreign countries, we should behave ourselves and do

everythingwecan________________________________theforeigners.(impression) 在国外,我们应该严于律己,并且做一切可以给外国人留下好印 象的事。

8. ________________ poetry unsuccessfully for several years, he was not certain whether to quit or to continue with his literary pursuit.(write) 由于好多年来他写的诗都没有成功过,所以他不确定是放弃还是 继续坚持他的文学追求。

9.________________ conducting an interview by QQ online, a face­to­face interview in person can provide people with more reliable details.(compare) 和在线用 QQ 面试相比, 亲自面对面的面试可以给人们提供更多可 靠的信息。

10. While charging, you ________________________ the mobile phone.(switch) 充电时,你最好不要打开手机。

答 案 Ⅰ.1.选 C 考查动词短语辨析。

句意:由于 Jerry 今天缺席,我 们让别人从昨天停下来的地方继续做这项工作。

take up“继续(他人 未完成的事)” ,符合句意。

2.选 D 句意:教育就是激发人们学习,因此机智在其中起着重要作用。

motivate“刺激” ;appeal“呼吁” ;urge“催促” ;fascinate “着迷” 。

3.选 B 考查名词词义辨析。



settlement“协议;定居;移民” ;adjustment“调整;调节;适应” ; adaptation“改编;适应” ;adoption“收养;采用” 。

4.选 A 由答语可以看出,说话者要表达的意思为“我们的玻璃杯对调了” 。

所以选 switch“交换” 。

5.选 D 考查形容词词义辨析。

句意:一切都会好的,我们对生 活永远都要采取乐观的态度。

optimistic“乐观的” ,符合句意。

6.选 B 考查名词词义辨析。


也就是说,他们缺乏学习英语的 动力。

inspiration“激情” ;motivation“动机;动力” ;regulation “规则;条例” ;cooperation“合作” 。

7. 选 D 考查副词词义辨析。

句意: 只有通过不断的学习和适应, 我们才能跟得上先进技术的发展。

constantly“不断地” ,符合句意。

instantly“立即” ;properly“适当地” ;deliberately“故意地” 。

8.选 B 考查介词短语辨析。

句意:由于劳动力缺乏,春节后一 些工厂不能按原计划开展生产。

for fear of“为了避免;唯恐” ;for lack of“因缺乏;因缺少” ;in need of“需要;需求” ;in search of “寻找;搜寻” 。

for lack of 符合句意,故答案选 B。

9.选 B 考查动词短语辨析。


put off“推迟; 暂缓” ;speed up“加快速度” ;turn on“打开;呈现” ;work out“解 决;锻炼;设计出” 。

根据句意选 B。

10.选 A 句意:星期天他否认他知道事情的全部情况,但是在 前一天他已经向我承认他知道全部情况。

previous“在……之前” ,指 在时间上较早的, 顺序上在前的;former“以前的; 在前的;前者的” ,

常用于提及的两个事物中的前一个;original“最初的;原始的” ; primitive“原始的” 。

Ⅱ.1.caught sight of her son 2.why she took up 3.It was by cutting down 4.lacking money 5.doesn’t tolerate cheating in exams 6.the instant she read the letter 7.to leave a good impression on 8.Having written 9.Compared with 10.had better not switch on单元知识综合能力测试Ⅰ.阅读理解 (2018·海南中学月考) Even as Google plans to test its fleet (车队) of self­driving cars on public roads this summer, its business model remains a bit of a mystery. By 2025, as many as 250,000 self ­ driving vehicles could be sold each year globally, according to a study by an industry research firm. “Vehicles that can take anyone from A to B at the push of a button could transform mobility for millions of people, ” said Chris Urmson, director of Google's self­driving car project. For

now, Google has no plans to sell any of its self­driving cars. They are strictly for research. But they will hit public roads this summer near Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California. Previous testing has taken place only on closed courses. The cars are built to operate without a steering wheel, accelerator (油门) or brake pedal. “Our software and sensors do all the work, ” Urmson said. “The vehicles will be very basic —we want to learn from them and adapt them as quickly as possible —but they will take you where you want to go at the push of a button.” The prototype (雏形) are the first of a 100­car fleet the tech giant is building. In the long run, Urmson sees a future of safer roads—the majority of auto accidents are caused by human error—and fewer traffic jams. Robotic cars could also shuttle people who can't drive because of age or illness. Google has said that self ­ driving cars could launch new business models in which people buy the use of vehicles they don't own. The company has already tested other types of self ­driving cars on public streets, including modified Lexus sport ­ utility vehicles, under a special permit program by the California Department of Motor Vehicles that requires a human driver at the controls. The state has issued six other companies permits to operate such cars, including Delphi, Mercedes­Benz, Volkswagen, Tesla,


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